The Service Desk is available from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday) CST, excluding public holidays.

Outside business hours, support calls divert to the on-call staff member's mobile phone.

Remote Support

We will provide remote support whenever possible to achieve greater efficiency and cost effectiveness. This includes remote network support, security monitoring, server & desktop monitoring, patch management, remote data back-up monitoring, and general technical assistance.

Requests and Incidents

You can submit a request or log an incident as follows:

  • Online via the (Submit Request) link on the header above
  • Telephone 08 8342 3255 for Maze, Geni, or CES support
  • Telephone 08 8150 6160 for phone system support
  • Telephone 08 8150 6150 for technology support
  • Email software@pactit.com.au for Maze, Geni, or CES support
  • Email phonesystem@pactit.com.au for phone system support
  • Email technology@pactit.com.au for technology support

Tracking & Reporting

All requests and incidents are tracked and reported.

Problem trends can be identified and addressed by tracking the type of calls and resolution.

This process allows us to continually update our knowledge base which means our support consultants can share successful solutions for quicker resolution of problems.

Client Portal

The Client Portal provides access to Key Performance Indicators, reports, and work orders for your organisation.

You can access the portal via the (Client Portal Login) link on the header above.

Please call our Office Manager on 08 8342 3255 to verify your service agreement and request a username and password if you don't already have access to the portal.

Troubleshooting Tools

Quick Support

This software is used to take remote control of your computer on a one off basis.

You can access the tool via the (Quick Support) link on the header above when instructed by one of our support consultants.

Host Installer

This software is used if you need to have the remote tools always available.

The software gathers key information about your computer during installation and notifies the support consultant without needing any interaction from you.

You can access the software via the (Host Installer) link on the header above when instructed by one of our support consultants.


If, at any time, you believe your request or incident is not being progressed please contact Trevor Ainsworth on 08 8342 3255.

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