It is the processes of an organisation that create value. The problem is that work activities are often informal and therefore difficult to manage and improve. This can result in serious risks for an organisation:

  • It's too late to write procedures if a staff member resigns or is struck down by illness
  • It takes longer to bring new staff up to speed if their tasks aren't documented
  • Processes may be grossly inefficient but it's difficult to pinpoint where problems are

By writing procedures you make your work activities more tangible, thus capturing the knowledge built up by individual staff members over many years and laying the foundation for continuous improvement.

We take care of everything for you

Here's how we can help make your processes more consistent and efficient:

  • Write procedures that are clear, simple, and useful in practice
  • Review processes to identify chronic daily problems and waste
  • Suggest ways to remove problems and waste
  • Deliver tailored training sessions for end-users

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