Not just have it - have it fast enough to make big decisions when time is of the essence.

What if there was a way to get the right information to the right people at the right time? To instantly view all your vital business data and see what’s performing and what’s not? With business insight from Microsoft® you can.

A different approach

When you want better business insight, you either...

  • Implement a proprietary business intelligence solution that may require months of implementation, lengthy consulting, and expensive user training, or
  • Leverage the Microsoft products you already own and use to quickly act on insights from your data

Organisations that utilise the Microsoft SQL Server® Business Intelligence platform can consolidate data from ALL their systems into one fast, reliable reporting solution.

Why the Microsoft solution?

It’s simple: you most likely already have the tools to get started. If not, by updating to a proven database like SQL Server you’ll have a platform that is more productive, more reliable, and more secure. And, with a reduction in ongoing application and maintenance costs, it can also be more affordable.

We take care of everything for you

Here's how we can help you access the right information at the right time:

  • Help define a reporting package that is relevant for you
  • Extract data from multiple databases to provide an holistic view of business performance
  • Develop complex reports that can be delivered in a variety of formats (PDF, Excel, etc)
  • Develop web based dashboards and scorecards for visualising and exploring your data
  • Deliver tailored training sessions for end-users

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