Have you got a system to control the life cycle of your documents – how they are created, reviewed, published, and disposed?

If not, you may be experiencing some of these problems:

  • You can't find documents because they're scattered across different file shares and hard drives
  • You can't get the documents you want quickly and easily because they haven't been consistently filed, classified, or archived
  • Employees waste a lot of time and effort trying to share and collaborate on the same documents
  • You have trouble finding the right document version because there are often multiple copies of the same document scattered across your network
  • You can't get documents when you need them if you're not in your office or on your network

If you answered "yes" to any of the above we may be able to help.

Microsoft Office SharePoint

Microsoft Office SharePoint (part of Office 365) is a browser based collaboration platform that is scalable, customisable, and provides easy access to centralised information. It supports document management needs by enabling you to:

  • Store, categorise, and locate documents
  • Maintain metadata for each kind of document
  • Control the creation, review, approval, publication, and location of documents
  • Control access to documents at each stage of their life cycle
  • Manage check-in / check-out and versioning of documents
  • Apply policies so that documents are audited, retained, or disposed appropriately
  • Retain documents according to legal and legislative requirements

We take care of everything for you

Here’s how we can help you manage your documents better:

Planning: We review your existing document management practices and plan your document management workflows.

Development: We create SharePoint document libraries with structured taxonomy and file management capabilities. Then, we can extend the basic document management system into a fully collaborative work environment incorporating document control workflow.

Migration: We migrate your existing documents into the SharePoint system.

Training: We train your staff in all aspects of SharePoint document management.

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