The Civica Education Suite is a modular, web based, and integrated edusystem that features:


    Schools use a wide range of independent applications that cover student administration, finance, learning management, libraries, email and communication tools, and calendars to name just a few. For parents and students to make the most of these systems, schools need to show the information and tools provided by these systems in one place. igloo is that place. Read more


    iWise is a web based student information system that provides quick and easy management of absences, pastoral care, mark book, academic reporting, timetable & calendar, relief teachers, resource booking, and much more. It is designed to be intuitive and support teachers to work more productively whilst also supporting office staff with web based access to the key tools and processes they need to work effectively. Read more


    Built from the ground up using the latest web technology, FrogLearn works seamlessly across all mobile and tablet devices. This cloud based learning platform is so simple to use that both technophobes and computer whizz kids alike can create fun and dynamic lesson resources in a matter of minutes – it really is child’s play. Read more

    CE Finance

    CE Finance is a web based, education specific solution that is powerful enough to meet the complex needs of schools and jurisdictions running large scale finance operations - while being accessible, forgiving, and intuitive for non-finance specialists in smaller schools. No matter what your size, it allows you to operate effectively and efficiently and gives you complete peace of mind around your financial, operational, and reporting requirements. Read more

    CE Analytics

    CE Analytics is a reporting and analysis tool that uses data from your school database to create a series of graphs, charts, or text based reports to provide a high-level view of what is happening across your school. Designated staff can view and analyse key information (present and/or predicted future) to gain insights that enable them to make decisions and take appropriate action. Read more

    CE Central Person Store

    The Central Person Store provides the ability to track individuals and their roles (current or past) across all the schools that are part of a single CES deployment. This core information can flow seamlessly into other applications that have been integrated with CES, providing a single point of truth and ensuring all systems are updated correctly and are up-to-date. Read more

    We take care of everything for you

    We don't just supply the software, we deliver an end-to-end solution:

    System check-up: We provide advice on server operating system, database, and workstation hardware requirements. Just to make sure you get the best possible system performance.

    Data conversion: One of the trickiest steps in migrating to a new system is transferring data from the old system in a meaningful and secure fashion. We have years of practical experience in data mapping and physical data conversion.

    Installation: We install and configure the application software, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

    User training: While our applications are designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use we also provide "quick guides" and tailored training sessions for end-users.

    Service desk: Once you're up and running we offer full support for your system. That's software maintenance, configuration changes, telephone support, and issue resolution.

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