For most business people, time is short. No matter what you're working on – mundane administrative tasks or looking after customers – you need to get things done efficiently.

Yet so much time is wasted performing the same tasks, day in and day out. Do you get frustrated by repetitive tasks that make your people less productive than they could be?

Maybe you're experiencing some of these problems:

  • You've got an old Microsoft Access Database system that's slow and unreliable
  • You waste a lot of time because your business applications can't "talk" to each other
  • You really need a custom app to replace a collection of spreadsheets and bits of paper

If you answered "yes" to any of the above we may be able to help.

We take care of everything for you

We can develop customised solutions that make your people more productive – from upgrading legacy systems to developing special purpose applications.

Understanding your needs

We work closely with your team – from management to end users – to build a comprehensive picture of your company's larger goals as well as those specific to your immediate problem. This allows us to design software solutions that are consistent with management goals, administrative needs, and user practices.

Software solutions

Legacy applications: We update and revitalise legacy Microsoft Access applications – by replacing the database with Microsoft SQL Server, adding additional functionality, providing a web-based front-end, or building links to other systems.

Systems integration: Depending on the situation, we can build automated links between stand-alone systems or consolidate data from multiple applications into a single database.

Custom applications: We use a proven development framework – based on the Microsoft Visual Studio suite for Windows and Web forms – which means we can build robust applications quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Plus, our applications are designed to be intuitive for the user by incorporating the practices you already have in place.

portfolio worth over $200M

Pact designed, built, and supports the complex systems we use to manage a diversified investment portfolio worth over $200M for our clients.

Manager, UC Invest

Implementation & training

Data conversion: One of the trickiest steps in migrating to a new system is transferring data from the old system in a meaningful and secure fashion. We have years of practical experience in data mapping and physical data conversion.

Installation: For custom applications, we provide a simple installation program which will create the database schema, stored procedures, libraries, and executables directly onto your system. This can be supplemented with simple patches for upgrades. If you require a more controlled installation we can take a less automated approach.

User training: While our applications are designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use we also provide "quick guides" and tailored training sessions for end-users.


After "go live", we provide three months of premium support to make sure you get the results you expect from your investment. There is no charge for this support.

It does not include new development work but gives you warranty cover for "bug" fixes and performance issues that weren't identified prior to "go live".

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