A cloud based VoIP PBX delivers Unified Communications (UC): your voice, video, and data rolled into one simple, scalable solution.

It means employees can keep in touch with customers and each other, anywhere, in real time. What's more, collaborating is a breeze – video and conference calls are only a button push away. And because your calls and video go via the internet, bills drop.

At a stroke, issues with a traditional PBX system are eliminated. Not only do you get corporate-wide Unified Communications, you also get the flexibility businesses need.

If you're ready to...

  • Simplify company-wide communication
  • Boost collaboration with colleagues and customers through video conferencing
  • Slash the cost of buying, expanding, and maintaining your phone system
  • Reduce your monthly phone bills
  • Boost productivity and service levels

Then let us help you!

3CX Phone System

The core of our Unified Communications solution is the 3CX Phone System which is used by thousands of businesses worldwide of all sizes, including Pepsi, American Express, Boeing, Harley Davidson, Formula One’s Caterham F1, RE/MAX, and MIT.

The following video gives a presentation of 3CX Phone System for Windows and shows you what makes it different from other VoIP phone system solutions in the market.

Are you struggling with outdated technology? Then move to the cloud.

Book a no-charge, no-obligation consultation and let us help you choose your path to the modern business with solutions from Microsoft and 3CX.

Free Phone Audit

Book a free phone audit by calling John Zeppel on 08 8342 3255 or emailing john@pactit.com.au

We broke even on 3CX after the first year.

We have had several phone systems over the years in fact we changed from a BDSL IP phone system to the 3CX. We looked into hosted IP phone systems that were supposedly cheap but to have any functionality their cheapness quickly disappeared. The cost per month was 3 to 4 times higher than the 3CX solution installed by Pact. I can’t understand why people keep spending so much money on their phone systems. We broke-even on 3CX after the first year. The 3CX works well over our ADSL and is simple to use and manage.

Director, Luna & Valk

so much cheaper to scale up than our old PBX

The 3CX phone system was easy to install and so much cheaper to scale up than our old PBX. It’s also very flexible. We can now do conference calls at board meetings and I’ve got a cordless handset that allows me to make and receive calls away from my desk. The caller ID screen assists me if I’ve missed a call and also helps me avoid those pesky cold callers. It’s been a great improvement for us.

Office Manager, Adelaide Resources Limited

The configurability of the 3CX phone system is outstanding.

The configurability of the 3CX phone system is outstanding. When we leased part of our Sydney office to another business Pact re-configured 3CX to allow for multiple tenancies. There’s no admin issue because the internet provider sends separate bills. The Pact people know what they’re doing and get things done.

Principal, Andreyev Lawyers

greatly improved our inter-office and client communications

When Pact suggested we convert to the 3CX system I was a little unsure as I had heard reports of poor sound quality and instability in VoIP phone systems. My concerns were ill founded as we have not experienced any loss of quality or performance. The system has greatly improved our inter-office and client communications through ease of operation and greater flexibility in its functions and effectively allows a medium-sized company to work on a corporate scale. We were especially pleased when we relocated our office in Darwin, our co-tenant company took 3 days to get their phones organised and functional while we were making calls as we were still moving in. 3CX is an excellent product and Pact’s friendly advice and professional assistance has been invaluable.

Director, Tecon Australia

We take care of everything for you

Network check-up: If needed, we can review your network in detail – existence of physical phone lines, ISDN and analogue gateways, VLAN structure, network switch capabilities, speed and reliability of your internet connections – the lot. Just to make sure you get the best possible VoIP performance.

Hosted system: The 3CX Cloud Server offers a virtual cloud based PBX, together with the enterprise feature set and unified communications. You only need to manage handsets.

On-premise installation: If you don't want to move to the cloud right now, the 3CX software can be quickly and easily installed on one of your network computers. Setup takes minutes and 3CX Phone System will run on an existing Windows machine or virtualised in a Hyper-V or VMware instance.

Configuration: We configure the system for you – greeting messages, voice mails, dialling rules, ring groups, office hours, holiday periods, handsets, softphones, and more.

Handsets: We install standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) handsets and set up smart phones and other handheld devices to act as mobile office extensions.

Phone care: Once you're up and running we offer full support for your phone system. That's software maintenance, issue resolution, remote handset configuration & support, and disaster recovery. All included in one, fixed annual fee.

Disaster recovery: We use cloud storage for your configuration and call history. If your hardware ever fails completely one of our technicians would simply install the phone software on another computer, recover the last backup, and have the system fully functional. Usually within a few hours.

Are your phone bills too high?

Telephone bills are not easy to interpret. As time goes by – and staff change – the situation gets worse because no one understands exactly what is being paid for. We’ve seen several situations where clients have been paying for landlines they haven’t used for over ten years! That means thousands of dollars wasted.

To help with this, we provide a free phone audit service:

  • We check your voice, fax, data, mobile, and internet services to see what you actually need day-to-day
  • We analyse your telephone and internet bills to confirm what you're actually paying for
  • We identify potential savings from unused landlines, phone and internet bundling options, and traditional fax lines

Want to find out more?

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